franklin institute philadelphia planetarium wedding

As everyone is scrambling to find those special glasses ahead of tomorrow’s solar eclipse, I can’t help but wonder how two people who share a deep connection with the cosmos will plan to experience the phenomenon together. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that their special glasses have been ready and waiting for this moment for quite some time.

Amanda, who lives with circadian rhythm disorder called delayed sleep phase syndrome, is programmed to sleep during the day and wake during nighttime hours. As a freelance writer specializing in fundamental physics and cosmology, the night life suits her just fine work wise, but proved to be challenging when it came to love and dating.

Enter Justin, who kicked off their romantic journey that would eventually lead them down the aisle with dates on the beach under meteor showers and night skiing. (Read: he’s a keeper.) Amanda’s beautifully written New York Times article, “A Night Boy Finds a Day Girl” tells the tale of how they’ve managed to keep their love alive despite having opposing circadian rhythms.

This past July, Amanda and Justin wed under the moon inside The Franklin Institute’s planetarium, and we were so thrilled to be a part of the planning process. Their wedding was the epitome of perfection in terms of a venue suiting a couple’s personal style and interests. Amanda sprinkled a bit of stardust throughout the reception with moon shaped table numbers, a falling star wedding cake, an astronomy text doubling as a guest sign in book and a starlit dance floor.

My guess is that Amanda will stay up to see the solar eclipse and that Justin will be thrilled to have his new bride by his side during afternoon hours- a rare treat in the world they’ve created together. I know I’ll be thinking of the night girl and the day boy tomorrow as the night is happening midday! Congratulations once again to Amanda & Justin, your wedding was truly out of this world.

Special thanks to to JD Land for sharing these beautiful snaps with us on the blog and kudos to Fleur de Lis who created Amanda & Justin’s gorgeous fringe chuppah and fresh tablescapes.