Baby you’re a firework!

In honor of 4th of July,  I’m focusing in on a modern wedding favorite: the wedding sparkler! Wedding guests of all ages just love waving their own little hand held fireworks. The photos below showcase a few different ways to display and utilize sparklers during your wedding reception. The most popular option is of course, the exit photo. If you happen to have a few coordinated maids or groomsmen, you could also set up a shot with a short word spelled out in letters.

Like with everything else wedding related, I always recommend thinking about safety first! The 36 inch sparklers will burn longer, thus providing more opportunities to capture a great photo. The flip side is that they’ll let off a bit more smoke. Its always best to keep anything fire related outdoors, and safely away from anything flammable (like that cocktail in your hand, for example!) Be sure that your venue allows sparklers first and foremost, and definitely have your planner or photographer ensure that your exit aisle is wide enough for your gown to escape the falling sparkles! By taking the proper precautions, you’ll be sure to light up the night in style. Enjoy the glittery fun & Happy 4th!

Photo Credits:

Sparkler Send-off: Loverly; Heart: Elizabeth Anne Designs;

Little Man: Style Me Pretty Love Photo: Loverly